A lot of new beer since we started brewing in Glen Iris

It’s been a big year here at Deeds.

We started brewing in our brewery in Glen Iris only back in February this year. In only 10 months we’ve managed to release a swag of new beers, a lot of them double IPAs with a heavy lean towards hazy.

Here is the schedule of the limited release beers released this year


Limited Editions Release Date ABV
Vanilla Porter 21-05-19 6.2
Lamington 16-05-19 5.5
Naked Bunch 06-05-19 8.5
Fortune and Glory 18-07-19 8.2
The Traveller 18-07-19 8
Festivus 07-08-19 6
The First Horseman 28-06-19 9.5
Double Lamington 07-08-19 8.5
Blur Vines 13-09-19 8.5
Hummingbird 21-08-19 9
LDPN 21-08-19 7.2
Survivor Type 13-09-19 10.5
Collusion - Rocky and Deeds 25-09-19 10
Cosmic Gateway 25-09-19 5.8
Tall Boy and Moose 18-10-19 8.5
Dark Deeds Resting Witch Face 30-10-19 6
31-10-19 9
Deeds x Merri Mashers 31-10-19 5.8
Deeds x Sauce Photosphere 07-11-19 8.5
Double Juice Train 12-11-19 9
WIPA 26-11-19 6
Daydreaming 02-12-19 5.7
The Traveller v2 09-12-19 8
Fiscal Damage 10-12-19 9.5


24 new limited releases in total. If any of these were your favorites for 2019, please remember to vote for us on GABS hottest 100.

Next year is going to be bigger again as we attempt to launch 4 new limited releases per month, change up our core range and hopefully all things going well get this taproom approved, speaking of which if you haven’t yet please sign our petition.

You can expect more Hazy Bois but also barrel aged beers as well as the beginning of our sour program and of course the return of a few of the beers that we brought out this year.

Have a great New Years Celebrations. everyone, thank you so much for all the support. May 2020 be the best year yet.



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