Lamington Ale has always been one of our more popular beers.  At every festival where Deeds sets up a stand, the first beer the first customer asks for is the Lamington.  There’s something to be said for that, especially if it so happens to be in the dead heat of summer.  The dark brown ale with notes of coconut plays on taste that most Australians grow up with.  It’s an iconic flavour and a staple of our winter releases.  Not the most common treat in America, it was easy to warm up too.  Several months ago during a recipe review session, the Lamington recipe came up and we started looking at what we could do to improve it.  However, the conversation quickly escalated and in short, the Double Lamington Variant was born.  The conversation basically flowed via a series of questions:

“What if we increased the ABV?”

“What if we put it in a 440mL can?”

“What if we tried to emulate the raspberry or strawberry jam?”

“What if we put it in a bourbon barrel?”

Before we knew it, we decided that the product as it is was solid, perhaps a tweak here or there.  Also, we decided what we really wanted to was create a variant.  Take all these what-if scenarios and make Lamington new again.

So, that’s what we did.

Double Lamington part of the Dark Deeds Series

The ABV went up from 5.5% to 8.5%.  We changed the packaging to a 440mL black can.  We added 225kg of Raspberries into tank effectively achieving the jam flavour.  And to top it all off, we siphoned off 200L for a freshly emptied bourbon barrel.  This will be tucked away and brought out on a rainy day down the road.

The bulk of the batch however is for your immediate consumption.  The same brown ale body is amped up to match the increase in alcohol.  The light chocolate notes combined with the coconut provide that all too familiar flavour with the added bonus of intensely aromatic and flavourful raspberries.

This can is a the perfect end to any Melbourne winter day.  Best paired with anything delightfully sweet after your main course.  Also, perfect for sipping around a campfire.  Packaging the first week of August, look for it where all good craft beers are sold! 

Cheers - Justin

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