Deeds Brewing actually brewing

It’s a good time to do an update on all the brewing we’ve been doing lately.

Even though we are still waiting for our power upgrade and the commissioning of our packaging line, we have a functioning brew house, which means we are brewing! 👌

 With our own brewery comes full flexibility on what we brew, so we’ve been brewing a lot of exciting new beer.

We’ve also decided to do a revamp on some of our all year range and introduce some new members to the family.

Previous all year range : Session, Pale, IPA, Juice Train.

New all year range : Session, Double Time, Sawtooth, Juice Train, Nuke Point.

Quiet Deeds Double Time DDH Pale Ale

Double Time is the first cab off the rank (read more about it in our blog post here). It replaces our Pale Ale.

Double Time has been Double Dry Hopped at 8g/L making the aroma intense and the flavour spot on 👌.

The Double Time can has a dry hop intensity meter, which is a new addition to our packaging

We now have six beers in the tank waiting to be canned and kegged in early March (four of the six being new releases). The DDH Pale Ale Double Time will be joined by a fresh batch of Juice Train – the first time our popular NEIPA will have been brewed at our brewery. Both of these two beers will be available early March.

Following this, the next release will be Sawtooth our new core range pineapple kettle sour.

Quiet Deeds Sawtooth Pineapple Kettle Sour

Sawtooth has been a work in progress for a number of months now and we are stoked with the end result. We used real pineapple which complements the acidity of a kettle sour perfectly – sweet, juicy and fresh.

Our team started the development of the Sawtooth recipe on our pilot brew system late 2018, testing out various yeast strains and multiple methods of adding pineapple. We then narrowed it down to two versions, both of which we had on tap at Ballarat Beer Festival in January this year. We then had the punters vote on their favorite version which we are now canning in early March.

 We took the inspiration for the design of the Sawtooth can from our new brewery roof

The last, but not least, new member to our all year range is Nuke Point, which replaces our IPA.

Nuke Point is a double dry hopped IPA with a difference. Big hop-forward IPA’s are supposed to be drank fresh and so we’re giving you a freshness guarantee on this one. We pledge that Nuke Point will never be older than a month from the day it is canned to the day it is bought at retail. How do we do that you might ask? Well we will replace any remaining stock at our retailers after 30 days.

We’re putting a lot of effort into making a great beer and so we want you to enjoy it at its very best. 😊

 Nuke Point has a serious dry hop intensity of 12g/L. Using Southern Cross, El Dorado and Kohatu hops

We are keen to get your feedback on these new beers so please jump onto our socials or post your comments below - we’d love to hear from you.

There will be a lot more to share in the coming weeks.

Have a good one 👍








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