Hey All

With 11 months of construction under our belt, we are ever closer to having a functioning brewery. 🍺🍺

There was a huge amount of work to do in the building to get us to this point – it was practically a rebuild minus the facade, which we updated and upgraded.

To make a brewery work, you need services, and these services have to be up for the challenge. We had to upgrade everything (electricity, gas, water, CO2, air) but, again the building did not do us any favors here – the over-used sales line of “everything must go” comes to mind.

Service-wise we have ticked most items off the list:

  • Water main has been upgraded and connected; ✅

  • Gas main has been upgraded and connected; ✅

  • Electricity not upgraded yet (we are using a generator) – scheduled for early Feb;

  • Glycol connected – glycol chiller installed and ready to go; ✅

  • Trade waste installed and connected. ✅

We’ve got a bunch of commissioning to do in the next 2 weeks, starting with the heart of the brewery: the brew house.

Deeds Brewing 3 Vessel Brew house almost running

 Deeds Brewing Tanks with all copper pipes connected and ready for glycol.

Deeds Brewing Glycol Chiller in the sky.

The commissioning schedule looks like this:

  • Boiler;

  • Brew house;

  • Glycol chiller;

  • Trade waste;

  • CO2;

  • Air;

  • Packaging.

We are planning on doing our first wash at the end of this week and brewing next week.

Lastly here is a time lapse of our brewery slab being poured, no reason either than who doesn’t enjoy a time lapse of a brewery slab being poured, right?


Looking forward to sharing more of the journey with you very soon.

Have a good one 👌



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