Double Time - Double Dry Hopped Pale Ale

It’s one of the predominant beer styles in Australia. Pale Ale to Australia is like IPA to America. Every brewery needs to make one and for most, it’s their flagship. Given its omnipresence, here at Deeds Brewing, we wanted to make something that broke the mold a bit. Again, whatever it takes to maximize flavour in the limited space of a 330mL can.

As with many journeys, our first step was to taste some beer. Always a good place to start in my book! We gathered together various Pales from all across the world and held a tasting session at one of our favourite little watering hole in Thornbury (you know the one, off Blythe Street). We discussed aromatics, flavour profiles, likes / dislikes, trends, etc. And ultimately, it was actually really simple. We decided that we wanted to make beer that we wanted to drink.

With that in mind, it wasn’t long before we knew exactly what we wanted and how best to approach recipe design, brewing, and fermentation. Smooth, sessionable, and as many hops as we could squeeze into the dry hop. Double Time DDH Pale was born!


The Double Time name is a direct indication of how long it’s taken to build this damn brewery. The time frame literally doubled and we wanted to make sure that long, uphill battle was forever commemorated in our pale ale.

So, what are we looking at with Double Time. This pale is designed to invoke a moderate bitterness backed by the creamy body of oats and wheat. A heavy dose of Mosaic, Citra, and Simcoe provide a full on tropical fruit aroma with mild pine / resinous highlights, reminding you that you are drinking a small batch beer designed for maximum flavour. Guaranteed 8 grams per litre dryhop. It says so right on the can!

Come on down and try a pint at our launch at Carwyn Cellars on Friday, March 1st.

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