Whether it’s mixed culture, barrel aged stouts, or IPA’s, one thing you quickly learn about beer and beer people is that the sky is the limit in terms of both creativity and passion. In fact, passion for making beer can travel down many routes resulting in a continually growing stable of side quests. From an outsiders’ perspective, it may have look like we only focus our energies on producing hazy beers; but it’s my hope that you’ve seen and tasted the smattering of the other side quests, we as brewers want to go on: a saison here and there, a bourbon barrel aged imperial stout, imperial cream sours, lagers, pilsners, and yes, even a doppelbock.

One such beer that we have been quietly celebrating and we actually get excited just talking about it; is our Knock on Wood Barrel Aged Pilsner.

Inspired by a brewery located in Vermont, we decided that this was something we really wanted to drink. The recipe was kept simple with Bohemian Pilsner and Carapils Malt, Saaz hops, a smooth 35 IBU, and finishing ABV of 5.9%. We then transferred over the entire single turn into ex-white wine barrels and let them sit for just over three months. During a lovely Friday afternoon barrel sampling session several weeks ago, Ned and I took in a big whiff, a little sip, and we both nodded in approval. It was ready. And we can’t wait for you to try it.

A beautifully simple beer with just the right complexity. The nose opens up with oak, lending to images of a musty oak cellar from yesteryear with various libations aging away. As it warms, a hint of citrus appears. The taste starts with oak but then gives way to light fruity notes again adding complexity to that simple pleasure of a great pilsner. There is a luscious, creamy feel mouthfeel, backed with some tannin rounding out the overall experience, yet wonderfully balanced against the malt bill.

Can you tell we are excited? Hitting stores next week. Let us know what you think because we want nothing more to brew another batch!

Cheers and Drink Fresh!


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