Deeds Party and the Border (Co2) and One Drop Party at the Border (Nitro)

Lockdown. What a fun time that was…said no one ever. Be that as it may, we did try to create a bit of fun these past months. We tinkered away in our quiet breweries, surrounded by mountains of empty kegs destined for ‘who knows when’, with a licence to experiment and brew. Out came the pilot brews, the endless chats online about new ideas, some ‘what ifs’ that bordered on insanity, and a lengthy meme infused battle of crispybois vs barleywine. It was a time of creative (and physical) expansion. Although, one mighty force, I’d dare to say the mightiest of all, could not be stopped in this industry of foam topped liquid gold – friendship. Beer & friendship specifically. Name a better combo. I double dip dare you.

After connecting via mutual friends during lockdown, monthly beer first-aid packages back & forth, and memes of silly can write ups (more to come?), we found ourselves bonded in abundance. And so came the endless hop-dusted, fruit-filled, late-night-woes-of-attenuation. The bond of two creative forces that has culminated in this monstrous collaboration we have before us.

At the time of the original concept, the borders were closed and all we wanted to do was hang out and brew some tasty suds. Disappointed but not dismayed, we wanted to take our virtual collaboration to the limits. We even dreamt of meeting at the border and swapping goodies between an arbitrary fence. So came the premise; the same recipe, brewed by both at our respective breweries, 2 different can designs, served two different ways: Co2 & Nitro. A side by side if you will. We wanted to play to our home strengths but also learn from each other – such is the joy of collaboration! This meant combining Deed’s downright irresponsible approach to dry hopping and One Drop’s preposterous insanity of fruiting rates, One Drop’s infatuation with Nitro and Deed’s love of juicy boi yeast. It also made sense to brew in homage of 2020’s “Style of the year” – the DDH Oat Cream IPA. It was imperative that ingredients were exclusively sourced from our respective states and so Voyager Malt (Atlas, Winter Wheat, Oat, Triticale) and the finest luscious lactose (Bega Mafia) were used to showcase New South Wales, while Hops (Galaxy, Ella, Eclipse) and gorgeous fruits (Peach, Apricot, Mango) were sourced from mighty Victoria. In the end, we decided to be relatively modest with the dry hop, but continued to encourage one another when it came to fruit. “Come on just a little more, don’t be scared!”. Back and forth we went, until we had nutted out every last detail, and were ready to brew this beast.

What followed were daily messages of “Ned, i'm scared”, “I wish you were here to hold my hand”, “I think we broke beer”, “What have we done”, and “Holy F*#k this beer is going to be nuts”. Upon consolation via memes, we arrived at a finishing point of beer, friendship, and collaboration full of learning, support, connection, and delicious brews.

During the birth of our collaboration the borders opened up, people rejoiced, and many got on the beers. In the spirit of everything opening up, positivity, good vibes, we collectively decided this beer should celebrate our chance to connect and party with everyone again. And so, “Party At The Border” was born.

So please, join us in the middle, have a tipple or two, and come party at the border with us.

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