Nuke Point 003 has the addition of Mosaic hops

Designed to be ever evolving, batch 003 of Nuke Point continues to take the beer in bold and new directions. With the softer mouth feel already achieved, the next step in evolution is a hop bill adjustment. Though we do love our blend of El Dorado, Southern Cross, and Kohatu, we feel that it could be improved further through balance and substitution.

The candy like flavours of El Dorado are very prominent, and we feel that it needs to be dialled back slightly and supported with a more complimentary hop to help that aromatic, sweet candy really lift off. Enter Mosaic. The old trusty American hop that has a reputation for bold tropical and fruity flavours. The result of a hop breeding program that brought Simcoe and Nugget together, Mosaic has developed a big following for making punchy Pales and IPAs. And based on our experience, we think it will blend wonderfully with El Dorado, and have a nice citrusy – piney backing of Southern Cross.

On a processing side, we will be adding 1/3 of the 12g/L dry hop on day 2 of fermentation. The balance 2/3 will be dropped in just before the end of fermentation.

We are all extremely excited about what this iteration will taste like.

Join us on the next turn in the trail with Nuke Point 003 in stores on Friday, May 10th.

Remember, Fresh is Best!



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