Bottle filler and tribloc

It’s been a while since the last brewery update so I thought it would be a good time to get you up to speed.

The main focus in the last month has been the commissioning of our packaging line.

It's come with many challenges including the ongoing delay of our power upgrade which resulted in us running a very expensive generator for the last 3 months. Good news is that the power upgrade was done last week and so we are good to go with all services to the brewery. Finally 👍

Service-wise we have ticked all items off the list 👏:

  • Water main has been upgraded and connected; ✅

  • Gas main has been upgraded and connected; ✅

  • Electricity upgraded and connected; ✅

  • Trade waste installed, connected and commissioned; ✅

  • Boiler installed, connected and commissioned; ✅

  • Brew house installed, connected and commissioned; ✅

  • Glycol chiller installed, connected and commissioned; ✅

  • Air compressor installed, connected and commissioned; ✅

  • Packaging commissioning, currently in progress;

 Bottle Filler from the top, looks 👍


Packaging line commissioning wise we are getting there:

  • Inline Carbonator ✅

  • Canning Depal for 330ml ✅, 440ml ✅, 375ml still to do ⛔

  • Canning line for 330ml ✅, 440ml ✅, 375ml still to do ⛔

  • Paktech for 4 pack and 6 pack cans ✅

  • Bottle Depal 330ml ✅

  • Bottle and can labeller, still to do ⛔

  • Bottle filler ✅

  • Cluster packer for cans and bottles, still to do ⛔

  • Date stamp for bottles and cans ✅

  • Date stamp for cases ✅

  • Case packer ✅

  • Case Sticker ✅

Can Depal getting assembled

We still have some work ahead of us but we are getting to the end.

We have managed to can, bottle and keg our commissioning brew (A Saison aptly named the Commissioner) also Nuke Point, our GABS beer (more on this in the next blog post) and even squeezed in some happy contract clients, so its going 👌, look forward to updating you in the coming weeks.

Have a great one.


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