I hope you are well dear beer enthusiast! It has been a hectic time, but we’ve made it this far, so we might as well keep going. Good Beer Week proved to be a busy time, but we were extremely excited to see a few medals from AIBA’s. Doubletime and Sawtooth both landing a Silver and Juice Train and Session landing a Bronze. Past that, we were thrilled at the response to our GABS Beer Naked Brunch – a Breakfast DIPA! And speaking of IPA’s. . .

Nuke Point 004 sits in tank as I write these words and I can honestly say we are looking forward to packaging this most recent version. The evolution continues and it is our only hope that we are getting closer and closer to The Perfection.

The malt bill remains unchanged from batch 003. The main alterations occurred in the kettle hops and dry hops. El Dorado has become the sole hop in the whirlpool, providing all 55 IBU’s. It has been dropped from the Dry Hop and the Mosaic and Southern Cross have both been increased keeping to our desire for a 12g/L dry hop. The result is exciting to say the very least. The watermelon candy flavour has dipped slightly being overtaken by a mix of Bubblegum and a Citrus Zest. The El Dorado provides a nice hit of smooth bitterness and a foundation for the Mosaic and Southern Cross to build upon. We caught the dry hop right at the end of fermentation resulting in a nice haze and a solid mouthfeel. This batch is a little less hot then the last one, though ending slightly drier.

Overall, we think its going to taste great. Arriving in your crafty bottle shops just after the 3 Day weekend. Keep your eyes peeled!

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