It’s funny how things come back around.  I haven’t thought about my second grade spelling bee in a long while.  I try not to dwell on unfortunate events.  Better to let them slip into the ether of the subconscious.  But let’s just say it came oozing back this morning in all its glory into my frontal lobe.

I remember it so vividly…. now; standing in front of the entire elementary school, having made it past three rounds.  It felt like a real competition between myself and that smarty pants Kelley Smith though there were still many other kids awaiting their next word.  And then it was my turn.

“Your word is Refrigerator,” the teacher announced.

Confidently, I replied “Refrigerator.  R..E…F…R…I…D…G…E…R…A…T…O…R”

“I’m sorry, Justin that is incorrect.”

I could feel Kelley’s beaming smile burning through the back of my head – a charred hole developing at the base of my skull.  Dejected, I sat down.  All that mindless practice, memorizing words, to get taken down so swiftly by such a stupid word.  I’ll never survive this my 8 year old brain kept repeating.

To this day, I still add the D to refrigerator and I am autocorrected every time, thank you technology for hiding my faults.  Can’t seem to shake it.  I also have trouble with the word ‘convenience.’  I before E, except after C and all that nonsense.

The reason this core memory has come flooding back into my mind, is that our ever vigilant sales manager texted this morning asking if we had spelled Doppelbock wrong on the label.  Surely not.

But alas, upon further inspection.  There it was.  Dopplebock – in big beautiful letters across the can.  The L and the E inverted.  A classic beer misspelling that I’ve seen before.

Anyway, further investigation show that it was misspelled on the brief, that I wrote, went to the label design outfit, which sent it back to us, and alas after a million eyes read across the label checking for errors, the misspelling was missed.

As, we pride ourselves on having extremely well educated clientele; they make for the best critics in regards to our product pushing us ever forward with their feedback, and in lock step with social media being the unrelenting force that it is, we decided it best to let you know that we know.

“We misspelled Doppelbock on the label.”

There I said it.

Now, I hope it doesn’t dissuade you from trying the beer.  I first tried a Doppelbock back in university.  A local PA brewery called Tröegs made a Doppelbock called the Troegenator, that they would serve by the pint glass at my local watering hole.  I’m pretty sure the serving sizes have since been decreased.  It wasn’t long after that I went on to explore the style with the classic Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock and the extremely tasty Sam Adams Doppel- and Triple Bock.

Needless to say, the Doppelbock has stuck with me all these years.  Whenever I see one, I can’t help myself to try it.  And when we had the opportunity to put one in tank at Deed and give it the time it deserves, we all jumped at the opportunity.

And man oh man, are we over the moon with how it came out.  So we hope you enjoy it regardless of our mistake.  Is it as bad as having to cross out hazy on every label?  I’m not so sure.

And remember, it’s a lager, so keep your Dopplebock in the refridgerator…..

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