Fortune and Glory Double IPA

The first hazy IIPA we ever brewed at our Glen Iris facility was a keg only release of Fortune & Glory.

We were still learning our system and figuring out the best way to make the beers that we wanted to drink. We decided to that we wanted to brew a beer that just went for it in every way. Based on a recipe Why not shoot for the stars! Why do we do these things? Fortune and Glory of course. I’m not going to lie, the result was a bit rough around the edges, but all in all it tasted pretty good. Doesn’t sound like a high compliment, but coming from brewers that are their own harshest critics, you could say this was high praise indeed.

The idea to put it in a 440mL can immediately sprang up, but we needed to wait. There were many other products coming out, the build still happening, etc. So finally five months later, winter had swept in and we said it’s time. A pale malt base with a heavy dose of wheat and oats, fermented with London Ale III and double dry hopped with big whacks of Amarillo and Citra (roughly 24g/L).

The malt bill pushed our system to the limit. The mash literally hitting the glass on the manway. The lauter faced a daunting task and let’s just say were pins and needles as the flow rate slowly started drop. But, alas we made it through.

We didn’t skimp on the hot side either, with 60 IBU’s there to remind you that it isn’t just another fruit bomb. You are in fact drinking a big IIPA.

Once in the fermenter and with a healthy yeast pitch, the dry hop was organized and away. Day 1 of fermentation saw 25kg in the top and several days later saw the balance 50kg being dropped in. It was a well run operation and we got the lid closed before the nucleation showered us in glory…

Fortune & Glory is a serious beer. We pushed it to the limit and made something we all wanted to wrap our faces around. Solid haze, big ABV, massive hops, and highly drinkable. Don’t make the mistake of only buying 1 can. You’ll most likely want to treat yourself to a second.

Cheers and remember, always drink fresh!


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