The Traveller - Double NEIPA

The journey of the Traveller has been long one. Back when the brewery was still a structural skeleton and we were ages away from laying down our first brew, I headed down to Carwyn for a couple pots after an extremely long week of building works, etc. To anyone out there building a brewery, I do recommend the Carwyn Therapy technique for stress relief.

It was in this moment over a tasty beverage that we agreed on doing a collaboration brew. And I have to say, I am thrilled that our first ever collaboration brew is with our friends at Carwyn Cellars.

Fast forward many months later and now here we are.

We agreed on the broad strokes quickly and unanimously – IIPA, hazy, boozy, 440mL cans.

It was then up to our production staff to work with Charlotte Feehan, Carwyn’s Beer Ambassador, who is also a Certified Cicerone and experienced brewer, to refine the details. Once that chat started, things started happening quickly. The grist bill came together with a protein heavy base (think 40% wheat and oats). London Ale III was chosen for fermentation.

And then arguably the most important decision of all. What hops? How do we want to define this beer? The discussion stretched on. Many points were raised, dropped, re-raised, etc. And in the end, KISS prevailed. Keep it Simple Stupid. Two hops. Mosaic and Nelson. Boom! Boom! 2:1 ratio highlighting Mosaic with a firm Nelson backdrop. Dry Hopped during Fermentation and at a rate of 22g/L, this beer is big, bold, and beautiful. I could go into the details of what it tastes like, but I reckon you are better off grabbing a can yourself and joining the Traveller on it;’s journey.

Come on down to Carwyn on Friday the 19th of July 2019 and try it for yourself!

Cheers and drink fresh!


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