We were lucky this year in that during Brewcon we had our new friends Hamish and Ross from Rocky Ridge come down to brew something a little different. I’ve long been a fan of Rocky Ridge beers, and alas I think we are only getting a tip of the iceberg here in Melbourne of what’s being produced.

Deeds Brewing & Rocky Ridge Collusion

We decided to make something big and it felt a lot more like Collusion then collaboration when we workshopped the beer, hence the beer name. We went with a 10% Wheatwine, fermented with London Ale III, and hop exclusively with HPA_016, the still unnamed hop new to the HPA family. A wheatwine is an interesting style, similar to a barleywine, however the bulk of the grain bill consists of wheat – which can be very exciting in your lauter tun. The rest of the grist bill was filled out with pale malt and flaked wheat, resulting awesome golden hue that will no doubt pair well with spring sunshine.

We pulled 30 IBU’s on the hotside and used the rest of our allocation as a nice heavy dry hop of 016. In short, we are extremely pleased with how the whole thing came out. Think creamy, mandarin popsicle with that very light booze kick on the back end.

Rocky Ridge will be launching out WA way on the 11th of October with a Deeds tap takeover at their digs. You’ll be able to find some cans / kegs floating round Melbourne starting week of the 30th of September.

And stay tuned, the next round of Collusion will be in a couple months’ time out at Rocky Ridge in WA. Can’t wait!

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